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PTi has been providing managed services to our customers now for over 9 years.  Managed Services and Strategic Sourcing is a collaborative outsourcing model that integrates the customer’s business processes with the IT practices of the outsourcing partner, resulting in a seamless service delivery process. Co-sourcing offers less risk and more control than traditional methods of strategic sourcing.

Problem: Customers struggle to manage diverse and heterogeneous Database, Operating System, and Middleware management environments. Keeping specialized expertise on staff for maintenance, patching, tuning, and operational support can tax an organization’s service level. Don’t let your business users suffer from potential knowledge gaps.

Solution: Allow PTi’s delivery teams to manage and maintain your infrastructure systems leveraging industry standards software, technology best practices, and a complete software and service management solution. Let PTi partner with your company to increase service levels, decrease operating expenses, and provide specialized skill-sets through technology and business automation.

Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL and others.
Operating Systems: Linux, Solaris, AIX, HPUX and Windows.
Middleware: Oracle Weblogic, IIS, WebSphere, Tomcat, Jboss, Apache and others.

Strategic Sourcing can help drive down operational costs and improve service levels

By relying on PTi for Oracle expertise and support, you have instant access to a deep bench of subject matter experts. We can easily scale up or down as required by your business needs, saving you time and money.

PTi can help you achieve Predictable Performance by:

  • Implementing projects on time and under budget
  • Responding quickly to operational issues
  • Exceeding service level objectives consistently

Providing Predictable Performance is no accident. We achieve and sustain the highest service levels by relying on our proprietary Service Management Framework.

At the heart of our Co-Sourcing offering lie outstanding customer service and the peace of mind we provide our clients by managing the day-to-day health and maintenance of your Oracle infrastructure.

Remote Management Services

  • 24 x 7 Monitoring
  • 24 x 7 Incident Response
  • 24 x 7 Preventative Maintenance
  • Database Management
  • Application Management
  • Operating System Management
  • Systems Management

Co-located, Managed Hosting Services

With PTi, you have access to world-class co-location facilities across North America in support of hosting services.

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