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Problem: Customers struggle to make well thought out Licensing decisions around Medium and Large Licensing purchases because:

  • Oracle constantly changes its Software Licensing Pricing, Rules and Names.
  • Oracle has multiple sales contacts for different products areas.
  • Oracle Licensing rules vary from one hardware vendor to the next.
  • Oracle sales teams frequently change disrupting relationship continuity.
  • Oracle has little incentive to educate customers about different licensing options that a customer may have at their disposal.

Solution: PTi’s Licensing Services enable customer to:

  • Maintain a Single Point of Contact for all your Oracle Licensing Needs.
  • Only buy Oracle Licenses that a customer needs at best available prices.
  • Maximize returns on Oracle Investments.
  • Focus on business and allow PTi to keep pace with Oracle Licensing changes for client’s benefit.     

Licensing Consulting Example: Client was provided a $2M Licensing quote by Oracle directly.  PTi was contracted by client for a Licensing Requirement Analysis.  Upon completion of this review, PTi was able to reduce the customer’s needed Licensing and Costs to less than $200K; a cost savings of nearly 90% in Licensing and 1st Year support.       

Licensing Services Benefits